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Clean restrooms not only impress and relax customers but they also promote a healthy working environment.

Cleaning means removing the visible dirt from all surfaces, while sanitizing means removing not only visible dirt, but also invisible elements like bacteria, which can be responsible for disease transmission. This means that even after cleaning, a truly clean washroom should be periodically sanitized.


restroom cleaning auburn alabamaWhy clean & sanitize rest rooms?

  • The elimination or reduction of dangerous bacteria
  • The general public forms part of its impression of a company from the condition of its rest rooms
  • Sanitary restrooms eliminate or reduce odor problems
  • Clean breeds clean / dirty breeds dirty

When to clean and sanitize restrooms

  • The job of cleaning and sanitizing rest rooms is not difficult if done efficiently and at proper intervals
  • The fixtures may be numerous but their design makes cleaning a fast process
  • Rest rooms should be cleaned and sanitized daily in most buildings
  • Some rest rooms may require more frequent attention due to location and usage

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 Posted on : April 18, 2014