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auburn alabama house cleaning service

Exceptionally Thorough

We deliver thoroughness and attention to detail every time we clean your home.

30 Minute Arrival Windows

State-of-the-art scheduling is designed to work with your constraints, not ours.

Guaranteed Service

If you are ever less than fully satisfied, we make it right.

Professional Owner/Managers

Professional management makes a difference. You will see it in our reliability.

Competitive Prices

Our prices reflect our quality. We offer exceptional value for top-of-the-line service.

Not A Franchise

We are a local business. We serve the East Alabama and West Georgia areas.

Fully Guaranteed Service

We have a simple and unconditional guarantee: If you are not happy with our work, we will return within 2 business days to redo whatever you are not happy with. If you have any question about this guarantee, please contact us.


Cleaning Service Schedules

The frequency of your cleanings should be determined by your lifestyle. There are four cleaning service schedules available:

  • Weekly cleaning is best for people who want a constantly clean home or for people whose homes are well lived in.
  • Every Other Week Cleaning is most popular schedule, striking a good balance between cleanliness and cost.
  • Monthly Cleaning is designed for people who want cleaning service at a low monthly cost. Available on Tuesdays.
  • One Time Cleaning includes move-out/in cleanings and any non-recurring cleanings. These take more time to clean than homes on a recurring schedule.


Our pricing is based on the time it will take to provide you an excellent, thorough house cleaning. If overall cost is an issue for you, we can easily remove the least-used floors of your home. We don’t break up floors. This ensures we do the best possible job and gives you an accurate feeling of “my house was cleaned today.”
All of our cleaning products are non-toxic & biodegradable. Also, if you have specific products you prefer we are happy to use them in your home. All you have to do let us know about them & leave them on the counter or table.
For pricing purposes, in-home estimates are not required. The pricing we give over the phone is as accurate as the price we give you in person.
Simply let us know when you call for your estimate. We are happy to honor coupons as they tell us where our advertising has been effective.
We provide everything needed to clean your house unless you have special products requirements or preferences. If you would like us to use something specific in your home, simply leave it out for your cleaning team. Oh, it also helps if the office knows about your requirement so we can put it on the work order.
The best thing to do is to provide us a key. This reduces lockout situations, prevents you having to schedule around your cleanings, and saves a lot of hassle for everybody. We can also access lock boxes or hide-a-keys if you use a system like that. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with whatever access arrangements we make. the second most important thing is that your team can get in as scheduled.
All of our teams have experience working around various pets. We accommodate many different preferences regarding pets (let them out, let them in, clean around them, etc). However if your pets act or appear aggressive, the team will not enter your house. The safety of our staff is very important and we don’t take chances with ‘risky’ animals. If you would like to get some more details regarding this policy please contact us
You are welcome to be in your house while it is being cleaned. It can sometimes feel a little awkward for both you and the cleaning team but you should do what you prefer. That being said, the people who will be cleaning your home are people. No one likes to be followed around while working or second guessed about their intentions or skill. We recommend giving them the benefit of the doubt and calling the office if you find any problems after the fact. Let us also mention here that in the 4 years we have been in business, we have not had a single theft incident with any of our teams.
Our staff is well trained on a variety of surfaces types, including granite, marble, travertine, and stainless steal. If you have a surface in your house that is unusual, let us know about it in advance. The team level policy regarding surfaces is “If you are not sure, do not proceed.” Also, if you would like a particular product used on one of your premium surfaces, just let us know.
We make every effort to send you consistent cleaning teams. This is not always possible but is usually possible. When you see a cleaning team change, you can bet it was due to an staff “turnover event.” Your assigned team leader, however, should remain a constant on the team for several years. These leading house keepers are paid very well and we treat them like family.
You are free to cancel or reschedule at any time. We understand that life happens and things change. We ask only two things: let us know as soon as possible and be understanding if we have to modify your schedule from time to time. Also, if you are cancelling for a service or quality related issue, please let us know; ‘mystery cancellations’ don’t give us a chance to improve.
A few times per year we have to cancel a day of cleaning due to dangerous driving conditions. Canceling a cleaning day is a two step process. First we put the teams on standby for a later start time. If the later start time comes without a significant change in driving conditions, we will cancel the whole day. We are in touch with Clients at via phone or email at both of these stages. Cancelled cleanings are then rescheduled over the next 1-3 days.
This is currently outside of our capabilities. Front door glass and sliding glass doors are cleaned both inside & out every time a team cleans your house.
The best way to pay is to put a credit or debit card on file. While you can also leave a check on the counter for the cleaning team to pick up, this method is not recommended. You are busy and it is easy to forget to leave that check week after week. Keeping a credit card (Visa, Master Card, or American Express) on file with us simplifies your life and ours.
Because your house keepers have families & lives away from work (just like you) we do not work on major national holidays or on the weekends. If you are in need of a Saturday cleaning, please ask us. We typically have no problem putting a team together for a Saturday house cleaning. However, we always give our staff the option.

Important Policies

There are few things that we want all of our clients to know. We know that many of you will not read these. Never the less, they are an important part of our business relationship with you. I will keep them short but please understand, they are not flexible. Each and every one of these items came “the hard way.” We appreciate your understanding:

  1. Our minimum job size $75 or 3 person-hours.
  2. We can clean your entire home or certain floors in your home. We do not divide floors. This leads to confusion, miscommunications, and client dissatisfaction.
  3. Any and all changes to your cleaning must be made in advance through the office. Your cleaning team is not authorized to deviate from the work order we give them. They operate on a tight time schedule and any on-the-fly changes negatively effect other clients and/or their in-office duties.
  4. If you are paying by check, you must leave your check at the time of cleaning. We are a small business and a few late payments can rapidly lead us to a financial crisis. The first time you forget your check, we will ask for your credit card information as a back-up method of payment. The second time you forget your check, will charge that card for the cleaning.
  5. All move-out cleanings must be paid by credit card in advance. We have spent many hours cleaning move-outs that we could never collect payment for. It is sad that the unruly few have ruined it for the many.
  6. A fact of life in this beautiful state is that snow and bad weather can cause radical scheduling changes with little or no notice. We always do our best to reschedule you in a satisfactory manner but the safety of our teams comes first.
  7. If every you are dissatisfied with any of our work, we will return within 24 hours to redo it free of charge.
  8. It is extremely rare for our teams to break anything or loose anything that is yours. In the highly unlikely event that something like this happens, we will ensue proper methods to cover your loss.

We appreciate your understanding in these matters. Please feel free to contact us.

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 Posted on : May 14, 2014